Thursday 14th & Friday 15th December 2006

Programme (as PDF here)

Martin Hynes, Director, IRCSET Supporting mathematics research: An IRCSET perspective
Wally Greenberg, Univ. of Maryland & DIASHow quarks got color; a participant view
Tony O'Farrell, NUIMAspects of reversibility - Abstract
Jiri Vala, NUIMTopological quantum computation
Peter Lynch (UCD)Energy spectra from entropy principles
Alexander Povolotsky (DIAS)Exact solution for discrete time asymmetric exclusion process
Christian Römelsberger (DIAS)N=2 braine surgery
Allan Solomon (The Open University)Positive aspects of dissipation
Anna Avdeeva, School of Cosmic Physics, DIASLimited-memory quasi-Newton magnetotelluric inversion as an example of an optimization problem in geophysics - Abstract
Adrian Raftery, Univ. of Washington & Czech Academy of Sciences, PragueStatistical inference for deterministic mathematical models - Abstract

A detailed programme will be posted later.