Monday 2nd to Wednesday 4th April 2007


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Y. Suhov (Cambridge) Anderson localisation for multi-particle random lattice Schroedinger operators
F. Theil (Warwick)Long-time justification of the gainless homogeneous Boltzmann equation
Ph.A. Martin (Lausanne)Some new aspects of the Casimir effect : the saga of a factor 1/2
C. A. Pillet (Marseille)Transport in quasi-free fermionic systems
J.-B. Bru (Vienna)Flow equations for operators and non-autonomous evolution equations
J. Yngvason (Vienna)The TF limit for rapidly rotating Bose gases in anharmonic traps
W. Skrypnik (Kyiv)Order in lattice spin-oscillator systems with Gibbsian ground states
V. Zagrebnov (Marseille)About the BEC in some random models
P. Duclos (Marseille)On the Skeleton Method
B. Nachtergaele (Davis - CA)New applications of Lieb-Robinson bounds
G. Friesecke (Munich)Mathematical Aspects of Van der Waals forces
A. Verbeure (Leuven)BEC: The condensate equation.
A. Stolin (Goteborg)Classification of quantum groups
F. Germinet (Cergy-Pontoise)A new concentration estimate and application to universal occurrence of Anderson localization.
O. Lisovyy (Tours)Aharonov-Bohm effect on the Poincare disk
T. Matsui (Kyushu)Entanglement and Haag duality
M. Samsonov (DIAS)An approach to construction of affine Drinfeld twists
A. Povolotsky (DIAS)The Assymmetric Exclusion Process with Parallel Update Formulae for the Transition Probabilities
A. SutoFinding crystalline ground states