First Annual Meeting of Noncommutative Geometry Network 2008

The 1st Annual Meeting of the EU Network in Noncommutative Geometry will take place from 16-20th June, 2008 at the
Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies,
10 Burlington Road, Dublin 4,


Monday 16 June

Time Speaker Title
10:00-11:00D. Voiculescu Aspects of Free Analysis: the Analogue of the Riemann Sphere
11:30-12:30D. Buchholz The Resolvent Algebra: A New Approach to Canonical Quantum Systems
14:00-15:00B. Dolan A Universal Dirac Operator and Spinc Bundles over Fuzzy CPN
15:30-16:30D. Evans Modular Invariants and Twisted K-theory
16:30-17:30 R. Gohm Noncommutative Independence from Braid Group Representations

Tuesday 17 June

Time Speaker Title
10:00-11:00R. Nest Universal Coefficient Theorems for Kirchberg's KK-theory
11:30-12:30P. Martinetti The Standard Model from the Metric Point of View
14:00-15:00R. Longo SUSY in the Conformal World
15:30-16:30E. Ortega The Maximal C*-algebra of Quotients as an Operator Bimodule
16:30-17:30C. Sämann Generalized Berezin Quantization, Bergman Metrics and Fuzzy Laplacians

Wednesday 18 June

Time Speaker Title
10:00-11:00M. Izumi Group Actions on Kirchberg Algebras
11:30-12:30H. Grosse Renormalizable Noncommutative Quantum Field Theory
14:00-15:00N.S. Larsen Phase Transition in the Bost-Connes C*-dynamical Systems from Number Fields
15:30-16:30F. Radulescu Type II_1 Von Neumann Representations for Hecke Operators on Maass Forms and Inequalities for their Eigenvalues
16:30-17:00A. Knebusch Approximation of Center-valued Betti-numbers
17:00-17:30G. Lechner Noncommutative Deformations of Quantum Field Theories
17:30-18:00B. Qureshi Twisted Symmetries in Quantum Field Theory

Thursday 19 June

Time Speaker Title
10:00-11:00A.P. Balachandran Causality on the Moyal Plane
11:30-12:30E. Beggs Noncommutative Complex Structures, Sheaf Theory and Characteristic Classes
12:30-14:30Bus to Dunsink Observatory*, followed by Lunch.
14:30-15:30F. Boca Continued Fractions and Operator Algebras
16:00-17:00S. Brain Twistor Construction of Noncommutative Instantons
17:00-17:30H. Bostelmann A Local Approach to Quantum Inequalities

Friday 20 June

Time Speaker Title
10:00-11:00P. Schupp Exact Solutions in Noncommutative Gravity
11:30-12:30C. Lazaroiu The Affine Noncommutative Geometry of Calabi-Yau Spaces
14:00-15:00R. Conti Localized Automorphisms of the Cuntz Algebras
15:30-16:30T. Gannon Galois Actions on Finite Groups
16:30-17:30E. Germain Folner Sequences and Group C*-algebras
* The afternoon session on Thursday June 19th will take place in Dunsink Observatory, with lectures in the Meridian Room.